Clyde Snowfell

A lieutenant who serves as a active spell combatent for The Wolfs Guild.


Cytarian Sorcerer 3 NG Str:12 Dex:16 Con:10 Int:12 Wis:14 Cha:17 HP:12 AC:14 TO:13 FF:13 Fort: +1 Ref: +4 Will: +5 Attacks: +1 Short sword: +3 1d6+2 Skills: Concentration: +6 Spellcraft: +7 Bluff +9 Feats: Extend Spell Combat casting Maximize Spell Gear: Wolf Uniform, Spell Components, +1 Short Sword, Potion of Cure Light Wounds_x3, _+1 ring of deflection, Wolf Emblem(3/day uses of Mage Armor CL3)


A spell caster under the employ of the Wolf Security Guild, Clyde grew up in the Cytarian district of Solstice. The Snowfell family has deep roots in the guild, never achieving any high titles but always an honored aide. Clyde is young for someone with his position, but due to the lack of spell casters under Wolf guild employ he holds a larger office. Clyde is still dealing with his brothers betrayal of the guild, and with the fact that Clyde was the one who ended his thieving spree.

Clyde Snowfell

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