Tools of Adeth takes place in, you guessed it Adeth. Recently a war has ended between to warring kingdoms, Cytaria and its sister country Vanaria. the War ended approximately two years ago when finally the threat of the Invock forced the two countries to ally themselves or be destroyed forever. After the threat was defeated the two peoples founded Solstice, a town where both kingdoms could live together and stands as a sign of peace between the two in the center there stands a grand monument to the warriors who died in the war. The two kingdoms have distinct differences both being dragon born, The Cytarians descendants of the proud metallic dragons. Cytaria is a very lawful society. Everyone knows there place, and the Word of the king is Law. Its military is made up of well trained soldiers and knights, its grand army always ready. Vanarians are the dragon born of the Chromatic dragons, a more farm land then grand city’s its town are small and desolate the most known City in Vanaria is the city of Vale, a port town known to be blessed by water nymphs this is Vanaria’s crown jewel and capital.

Tools of Adeth